Legal humor by playwright, author and attorney  Lawrence B. Fox
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Published Critiques

The Bethlehem Press - March 20, 2013

The Obituary I'm Dying to Write

"When your many long years are drawing to an end, what made it worthwhile?  What would you want others to know about your life?  These questions form the thoughful core of the otherwise thoroughly amusing new stage production from local attorney Lawrence Fox.  The Obituary I'm Dying to Write  follows a group of elderly county home residents relaying anecdotes from their lives as they compose their own amusing and touching obituaries."

"As each begins his or her tale they turn from their friends and address the audience while subtly altering their costumes, becoming their yournger selves.  It's a simple and satifying illusion that affects a true flashback without being a distraction."

The Obituary I'm Dyin
g to Write  its a clever riot of humanity and it's clear in the end that each character is bowing out with joy in their hearts.  And that sounds like a great way to go."

The Forwardian Arts Society - March 20, 2013

The Obituary I'm Dying to Write

"The play takes place in a nursing home where a group of its denizens reads an obituary and realizes the usual announcement of one's departure from this world seldom reflects the life one has led or the impact he or she had in the lives of others during their time on Earth.  The group, therefore, decides to share with one another how they would like their obituaries to read.  This sharing transforms an ordinary pronouncement of death into an emotionally engaging affirmation of life."

"The play and the fine performances it inspires reflect the subtle essence of life whose vibrant qualities are not dimished by its seemingly ordinary and mundane attributes perceived in our everyday living of it.  It's a good play and worth while seeing. - May 20, 2011

Thers's No Justice - Just Court Costs

  There's No Justice - Just Court Costs  is one of the better McLaren Comedy Competition winners of recent years.  It is often extremely funny  --- a bawdy, rollicking exploration of how far the legal world is removed from its lofty ideas."