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  There's No Justice - Just Court Costs  //   The Obituary I'm Dying To Write   

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Fox Publications publishes the humorous work product of playwright and author Lawrence B. Fox.

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Two new award-winning plays are offered for your consideration:

here's No Justice - Just Court Costs
          2. The Obituary I'm Dying To Write

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There's No Justice - Just Court Costs was first produced by the Midland Community Theatre in Texas after this play won that theatre's juried 2011 competition. This play also won a new play selection conducted in 2010 by the Pennsylvania Playhouse located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. A world premier production followed.

    The Obituary I'm Dying To Write was the 2012 grand prize winner of the live juried competition held by the Shawnee Playhouse located in Shawnee on the Delaware, Pennsylvania. The grand prize was a world premier production in February 2013.

Lawrence B. Fox has also written four (4) humorous Law-related books that can be acquired through this website.

        1,) The Confused Lawyer's Field Guide To The Courthouse  (published 2007)
        2.) No Noose Is Good Noose  (published 2004)
        3.) Has My Lawyer Called Yet ?  (published 2002)
        4.) There's No Justice - Just Court Costs 
(published 1999)

Playwright Fox would be pleased to attend a performance of his plays at your theatre and to interact with audiences during a "talk-back.
"  Fox may be contacted directly by e-mail at or by phone at 610.861.9297,  or by fax at 610.861.5989.